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Hostile Arts is a movement for all creatives.  Established in 2011, Stephan Jerrod sought out to bring passion, motivation and pure beauty into a community that would otherwise be considered as"hostile".  The objective is to change this narrative and arouse such prolific creativity that it astounds even the greatest of imaginations. 
The future of HA beams with brilliance
Preparations are underway to ultimately accommodate hundreds of motivated and passionate individuals, thriving to be a part of an artistic revolution. Stephan's goal is to provide an atmosphere catered to the artistic soul, one that will inspire members and future artists to share and create their own stories, while providing them with the necessary supplies, creative space and storage that will allow them the freedom to submerge their hands and imaginations deep into the paint.  
Hostile Arts will be a place for "Creative Spirits" who enjoy congregating with other artists and surrounding themselves in calm spaces or maybe even for those who want to "turn it up" a bit.

Mobile Paint & Drank 

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For an unforgettable painting experience with friends or family!  Private event painting classes for everyone.  Let us deliver the paint and the fun while you provide the friends and BYOB!

Call to make a RESERVATION OR BOOK a mobile paint class with Rolling Brushes! 


We work with you to create unique and original pieces of art!


Pencil Art






Although I paint for the Love of ART, all of my paintings are available for PURCHASE.  

"I paint for the LOVE of ART.  Let me bring art into your life through either original personalized artwork or through a night of fun!"





Stephan Jerrod, a conception artist born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina.  In 2006, My parents decided to move the family to Houston Texas during in the hottest summer I've ever experienced!  For me, this was a huge cultural change, during an instrumental time in my developmental phase, but was also the catalyst for my discovery of my true love.


Because of my creativity and imagination,  I found the best way to cope with the changes ahead was expression through Art.   I began to doodle, sketch and paint and when others began to notice this a natural ability, I knew I had found my "thing"! I continued to practice and was able to harness these skills until they became second nature.  The turning point occurred when I was able to create a single visual from taking an extremely broad look at varying real life scenarios.


Today, my passion is to showcase current events in the world through visual arts, in hopes that the mind could see the outcome of the decisions we make; whether it is from a personal, cultural, spiritual, or political perspective. My dream is to ultimately bring creativity to the world we live to enlighten minds in a harsh society.